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What are Small Programs?

Small Programs are clubs within the club. They're a good way to make friends and hang out with people who have similar interests. Interested in starting your own Small Program? Contact a Small Programs Officer.

Meeting and Events

For meeting and events for the small program (except Spa Day and Fight Night) check out our calendar. 

Roll for Initiative

The DnD matchmaking small program that pairs players with DMs as well as scheduling their times. These will be for both campaigns and one-shots. This is beginner and veteran friendly, so first time players don't be scared! We do matchmaking for both One-Shots and Campaigns!

Block Bois

This is our Minecraft server. We will be doing some just general Minecraft stuff like going around and preparing to beat the ender dragon and we'll also do some competitions as well. This includes building contest, fight contest and much more. Dues paying members only.

Card Shop

Learn and Play Trading card games. We have many loaner decks so there is no purchase required to join us and have fun. We play MTG (Commander), Yugioh, Cardfight Vanguard (Premium), and Digimon. If you're interested in trying out a game, or just playing with friends, This is the place for you. We play every Friday starting at 12 pm and Saturday starting at 3pm.

Comic Sans

The comic book small program. Activities include the discussion and reading of select comic books. It's like a book club, but for comic books

Fight Night

A woman centered small program. Focused on fostering a strong community between the women of Cepheid Variable. Will host events throughout the year to bond with one another.  Be sure to join the group me to get the know about every event.

Gym Gremlins

The fitness small program. Focuses on health, fitness and sports. Will include group training sessions, from weight lifting to swimming and any other exercise/sport people are interested in. Advice on fitness and overall health will be given. Discussion of these topics as well as one's Personal Records (PRs) are encouraged.

Pencil of Doom

Our committee is about giving new and experienced artists a place where they can make and display their work as well as learn new tips from each other. We plan to offer mini art lessons to anyone in the program and host drawing sessions for those who would like company to draw with.

Poke Homies

We're a group for all pokemon fans, old and new. Whether you like to battle competitively, collect the cards, play pokemon go, or watch the anime, we will have something for you. It's a good way to meet other pokemon fans and indulge in the pokemon franchise.

Spa Day

The male centered small program. Focuses on fostering a brotherhood between the men of Cepheid Variable. Will host events throughout the year to bond with one another. Be sure to join the group me to get the know about every event.

Manga Squad

Basically manga book club and discussion about styles and what appeals the manga the club members reading have.


 A small program for the discussion and practice of various forms of fencing, primarily European fencing, also known as Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). Consists of meets, sparring, and occasional competitions.


For folks who feel they don’t 100% identify with either Spa Day or Fight Night. We welcome all, specifically LGBTQIA+ peeps and gender nonconforming.


This small program focuses on anime related content. Focuses on watchalongs and discussion of all anime.