The Cepheid Yearbook is out!

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About Us

Cepheid Variable stands as a Texas A&M Student Organization devoted to the support and promotion of all things science fiction, fantasy, horror, science, and technology, and the support of the community that grows around them through an atmosphere of acceptance and kinship. Cepheid Variable seeks to promote creativity, enrich imagination, and build active learning opportunities through a variety of educational programs, demonstrations, and presentations.

Meetings and Membership:

Meetings are every Tuesday from 7pm - 8pm. Locations vary every week. More info can be found on our calendar. 

To join Cepheid Variable, simply attend one of our meetings. To become an official member and enjoy our benefits talk to our finance officer. Membership dues are $15 per semester or $20 for an entire academic year. Membership may also be earned by working 3 concessions. 

All our previous presentations can be found here.

Membership Benefits:

  1. We pay for your hotel at conventions we attend.
  2. You get access to paid events for free. This includes masquerade ball, casino night, and more!
  3. You get first priority when signing up for events, this includes our cabin trip, conventions, renaissance festival, etc.
  4. Get access to our members-only small programs.


Concessions are done for this season. Thank you to everyone who helped!

Upcoming Events:

To see a full list of events, check out our calendar.

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