Christopher Wehkamp - Voice Actor (MHA: Eraserhead, Tokyo Ghoul: Kisho Arima and Tatara, Fairy Tail: Ren Akatsuki)

Harris O’Malley - Blogger (Also known as: Dr. Nerdlove)

Charlayne Denney - Author (Lilly's Angel, Marcus's Vampire, Vampire rEvolution)

Ashe Thurman - Voice Actor (My Time at Portia: Nora, Paranormal Files The Tall Man: Julie, Imre's Curse Prologue: Aenaris)

Aaron Desmuke - Voice Actor (Fullmetal Alchemist: Alphonse Elric, Fairy Tail: Hibiki Laytis, Danganronpa 3: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu)

Kathryn Friesen - Author (The Prophesied, The Apostasy)

Mastermind Comics - Comic Publisher (Grayson Stokes, To the Ends of the Earth, Last Confession)